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  Itfs important for a stylist to constantly improve his or her professional skills. At ASH, we established our own academy called ASH Academy , where stylists learn skills and know-how to become stylists reflective of our brand. We provide various courses on salon management, customer service, and even English conversation classes. For instructors, we invite store managers and prominent figures in and out of Japan .

  To challenge the artistic and technical skills of our stylists, as well as to appeal to the beauty industry and our customers, we host a Hair Show every year in collaboration with associated salons. The size of the Hair Show has grown significantly in past years. Our latest show in May 2006 was an enormous success held at Yoyogi Olympic Hall.

We are looking to host Hair Shows overseas in the future.

  Ash held a hair cutting contest at Yokohama Arena in November 2006, in which 1400 stylists participated - the largest in scale in the world. We had top-level artworks the contest served as an advertisement medium to the beauty industry and to our customers. We also urge those stylists to participate in other contests so that they can improve their skills and flair for creativity.